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Cómo se dice (informal): "It was very nice seeing you again" (o "It was very nice to see you again") en español? When one says "It was..." in that sense (eg, in the sentence, "It was an eventful day."), does one use era or estar? My best attempt is "Era muy agradable verle otra vez" - but I'm sure this must be wrong. Also, what is the difference (if any) between quizás, tal vez and a lo mejor? And finally: I was watching a religious procession here in Granada recently and when a statue of the Virgin Mary came into view several people shouted "Guapa!" Now, my understanding was that the word "guapa" meant physically attractive or "sexy", so it seemed somewhat inappropriate in this context. I'm curious to know now whether "guapa" can mean something other than "sexy", or the Spanish have a very different attitute to saints than people have where I come from (Ireland)! PS - After the Virgin Mary had passed, I asked a local guy who was standing beside me, "Can the Virgin Mary be _guapa_?" He replied: "The Virgin Mary can be anything she likes!"

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