I am looking for a NZQA accredited course to do in New Zealand, is rocket spanish registered for NZQA qualifications? if so do you have an EFT points level that can go towards getting a student allowance? Thanks

Rocket Spanish is NOT registered for NZQA qualifications. Unlike the programs that most people encounter as students, Rocket Spanish was not designed with the end of attaining academic accreditation or passing student exams. Rather, we created the program with the specific goal of getting people SPEAKING and LOVING TO SPEAK Spanish! As a student of junior high, high school, and university Spanish programs, I can attest that I attained a high level of academic proficiency while being _unable to start or hold a conversation_ in Spanish. Student programs focus on *reading* and *writing *Spanish. In the real world, though, what will really get you places is being able to *listen to *and *speak *Spanish. And what's the best motivation for learning how to understand and speak Spanish? Having fun at it! For some people, having to pass an exam or desiring to attain an accreditation is sufficient motivation, because it gives them a goal to achieve. But to truly attain the fluency that every learner of a foreign language desires, you have to love the language for the language's sake. You have to love to use the language in conversation, love the cultural nuances of words uncommunicable in English, and love what a foreign language allows you to do. That is what Rocket Spanish attempts to give their students ... not an academically-determined degree of language proficiency. Good luck on your Spanish learning!

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