I have heard rumor that the people in Argentina can be a bit arrogant and in other ways difficult. Is this true - or perhaps overstated. I would love to visit but if the folks are a bit unwelcoming it would negatively impact a visit. Thanks to anyone who has visited.


I have never been to Argentina. However I do not believe the entire Country is filled with arrogance. My traveling experience has been if I am friendly, I receive friendliness in return. You state that you would love to visit. Go for the reasons you love and start a new rumor!


Thank you for your response, perhaps people are similar all over the world and equally capable of warmth and humanity.


i just returned from 10 wonderful days in Argentina. I was able to see 3 regions and meet many wonderful people. The rumor is just that, a rumor. Go and see for yourself. It is a beautiful country filled with nice friendly people.


Thank you for the positive information and impressions. Given that Argentina is a rather large country, would it be possible to share which regions you elected to visit?


Hernan, The hardest part of the trip was choosing what areas to see since you can't come close to seeing most of the country on any normal length trip. I spent several days in Buenos Aires, Bariloche, and Iguazu Falls. The falls is a must if you love nature at its best. It was hard not to pick the ice fields of the Patagonia Region, but I hope to see that area in the future if I can get to Chile. Good Luck, Oscar


OscarLake - what wonderful adventures. I shall try to overcome my feelings of envy.



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