Ava Dawn I watched this movie on the plane from Taipei, Taiwan to Los Angeles. I thought about DanH24 because it showed little Havana in Miami. Also the very first guy I dated when I came here in the States is also Cuban. Cubans seem special. They are not really in the news so much except for Fidel Castro. What was interesting also, maybe because of Eva Air, it could be watched in English, Chinese, German and French, NO Spanish. The subtitle is only in Chinese. I just realized that even if I get proficient in Spanish, there are just so many different speaking countries. Chinese especially Mandarin is all over the place, in the hotel, the airport, they are everywhere.

Ava Dawn From "Frozen". I just need to learn the lines. Surprisingly most of the words are already familiar, but not all


is it about latino food?



Ava Dawn This could be put under Spanish Culture and Travel- Good Cuban Sandwich. Miami. The star is the Director of Iron man. Sofia Vergara is also there.


Y Dustin Hoffman. Y John Leguizamo. Y la musica cubana. Quiero ver esta pelicula. La razón secreto que estoy aprender español es a hablar con Sofia Vergara en su idioma.

Ava Dawn

Here's another article about Cuba. I also saw an immersion class in Cuba with 1 week in Havana and the other week traveling around with your instructor.


Aurora: this is well-written article; thanks for sharing. It comports with almost everything I learned in and about Cuba, except I would add that Cubans have a very astute understanding of the politics of their country, ours, and the world in general. Given the government control of information there, this is no small feat. I also slightly disagree with the comment that Cuban's don't like to talk politics. I was able to engage in several meaningful conversations with Cubans about the plight of their country, and although they did not openly condemn the government, their views were easy to comprehend. Do you remember the name or a link to the language school? I have looked at several programs but could find none that facilitated enrollment of US citizens without going through a third country, something I am not interested in doing.

Ava Dawn

I thought it was Sampere but I could not find it. Here's another link with different groups. I am probably interested in a Catholic Pilgrimage there or maybe an immersion class.


Aurora: I think I noticed you writing that you were going to mass the other day, and your comment here that you would be interested in a Catholic pilgrimage causes me to assume you are Catholic. If so, (and even if you are not) and if you get to Cuba, you must see the altar in the church I photographed there. I am not a particularly religious man, but I was just awestruck when I saw the altar. It has been compared in beauty to St. Peters in Rome. My photograph of it will be on my new web site as soon as I get it up and running.

Ava Dawn

Looking forward to seeing your new website when its up and running. When do you think will it be available?


Aurora: mi sitio web está aquí:

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