Cielito linda


Cielito linda: I recognized this song the instant I heard it but for the life of me I can't remember why. From Speedy Gonzales cartoons when I was a kid? [From that I remember "La Cucaracha"!] From the old Zorro TV series? I just don't remember. Speaking of Speedy Gonzales, I got a kick out of looking at a condensed clip of all the Spanish used in those cartoons:


I remember this tune as well, and also associate it with cartoons, most likely Speedy. Kind of like Bugs Bunny and the Barber of Seville.


Hola, We used to sing it in grade school many decades ago in a different century. Soy anciano. Saludos, Ricardo


I believe sometime during the 80's this tune was used in a commercial for cheese put on by the "real" dairy association. I can almost hear "ay ay ay ay, I like real cheeses". However, I was unable to confirm that this was the case. Here's the Speedy Gonzales version.

Ava Dawn Cielito lindo by Pedro Infante

Ava Dawn Cielito lindo by Trio los Panchos

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