what is conocedero? what does it mean? expert?


Hola Bills C, Conocedor or conecedora as a noun is an expert or a connoisseur. As an adjective it means knowledgeable. ¿Pero conocedero? No sé nada sobre esa palabra. Tal vez hay otra persona que conoce esa palabra. Espero que sí. Saludos, Rich


Thanks,Rich. I was confused but you have cleared it up for me. Bill


Hola Bill, De nada amigo. Saludos, Rich


¡Hola! La palabra conocedero no existe. The word 'conocedero' does not exist. It's conocedor / conocedora. For doubts on Spanish words, the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (Real Academia Española) is a great resource! Saludos, Victoria

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