Diaro a Cuba


Amigos: Tengo comencé escribir sobre mi viaje a Cuba en mi sitio web a www.danhenderson.photo/blog También, hay fotografias de Cuba en www.danhenderson.photo/cuba Se invito a todos a mirar. Saludos, Dan


Hola Dan, ¡Magnífico! Gracias por compartir esto con nosotros, lo disfruté mucho. Saludos, Ricardo


Wow. Some of the finest black and white photos I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

Ava Dawn

Love reading your blogs and looking at the pictures. Very professional. Thanks for sharing.


¡Gracias a todos!


Your sites are marvelous and I love the photos!  I've been away from RS for 5 months now as we have not had wifi other than a hotspot on the cell. We are in a site with wifi now for a week and will drench myself with RS and hope that our next site has wifi.  I really have missed RS but I have been working thru "Learning Spanish Like Crazy".  That has been super beneficial to me.

I was offered a job by the owner of a Cuban restaurant while my husband and I dined, and while I pilfered a spanish lesson from him.  :)  I only wished that I could have taken him up on his offer.  I have been wondering how your last trip to Cuba went and how the spanish went for you while you were there and how's it going now.  I haven't read thru your site yet but will be able to later today.  

The Spanish language continues to intrigue me.  The other day I equated it to arithmetic.  Spanish is so precise.  Once you learn the formulas you are able to work thru the problems to get the answer.  

Must go for now,


Diane: so glad to see you back. I have been wondering where you went.

I think your analogy to math is very interesting. I have often observed that language is more art than science, but I agree that Spanish is more science than English.



I read thru your blog and envy the experiences that you had.  Do you have any plans yet for another return to Cuba?

I wanted to thank you for the suggestions on skyping and tutors.  I am needing to push myself into that arena.  I'm sure that when I do, I will ask myself what took me so long.

Hasta luego,


Diane: ¡Si! Estaré volver en el diciembre que viene. Está viaje el grupo van a visitar Santiago de Cuba además de Habana. También, estoy planeando viajar en el tren que escribí en mi blog desde Casa Blanca hasta Hershey. ¡Ya estoy emociado!



¡Tienes suerte!  Tengo celos.  :)

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