Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Culture and Travel Do I get written as well as audio spanish with the course?

Do I get written as well as audio spanish with the course?


Hi, I'm very interested in signing up for Rocket Spanish, but I was wondering whether I would get written language, vocabulary, grammar etc as well as all the audio stuff, as I would like to find a course that shows me the written form of what I'm listening too as I personally find this a good way for me to learn. So just wondered whether I got both with Rocket Spanish. Thanks alot, Giuliana


Yes, you do. There are lots of PDF files going with the course. Here is what I shamelessly have copied from nohablo :oops: :oops: nohablo wrote: Before I start, let me say that I don't think there's any need for you to buy any other program right now. I think you're best off going through the Rocket Spanish audio lessons and also going through some or all of the supplementary materials: the Instruction Manual, the Conversation Course, the Beginners Book and the Advanced Book, the MegaCards, the Vocabulary Supplement, and more. They're all available in .pdf format and can be downloaded from the Rocket Spanish Members Area that I think you were told about when you bought Rocket Spanish. These are great materials, and they should keep you busy for quite a while. end quote I have 5 Spanish courses on my computer, and Rocket Spanish is the only one that rocks. Please note, the others are very usefull but RS is no 1 on my list

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