Feel ripped off


I don't know about anybody else ,but when you buy software from a site you have it on your hard drive and then you install it.Well I have to be on the internet to use this purchased software Can't use it without a connection to the net sometimes I I'm away from the net or don't want net. That means no Rocket learning. Well keep the good work going ,but you lost me :(


[quo]*Quote from * tret46 I don't know about anybody else ,but when you buy software from a site you have it on your hard drive and then you install it.Well I have to be on the internet to use this purchased software Can't use it without a connection to the net sometimes I I'm away from the net or don't want net. That means no Rocket learning. [/quo] I'm not sure why you say this. Why don't you just download the audio files to your hard drive? Each lesson has a "Download Audio" option. I also made a screenshot of the transcript of each lesson, so I'd have that on my harddrive as well.


Well, it's clearly stated in the product description as an online product with downloadable audio files. I wasn't surprised ... :roll: Best,


I like the online lessons because I can both hear and see the words. I also like the vocabuary builder. Recently I downloaded 1.1 to 1.7 to my hard drive and then put them on my cell phone, which has an MP3 player. I find it very handy to listen to the lessons when I am sitting outside watching my 3 dogs or exercising at the gym.


My main reason for getting this course was listening to the mp3's and trying to become at least conversational for work and social purposes. I think the course is excellent, but I couldn't imagine not having the mp3's downloaded onto my mp3 players. I listen to them whenever i can: shopping, driving, hanging out at home etc. Why have a great resource stuck on your computer when you can take with you wherever you go and learn while doing other things. The mp3's are the most important part of the course in my opinion.


I would like to be able to download both the course material and the audio onto my hard drive in order to use it as if I was online, perhaps at an additional charge, no problem I don't neccesarily want to buy the cd!


I am a little confused. The course is sold in two versions. One is a cd set version which they send you and you load it on your computer. The other is an online version which costs less because they don't actually have to send you any physical product. Unlike most other "online versions" of software I have seen, R.S. allows you to download everything pretty much! You can literally save everything on your computer! Granted this is a little time consuming and work intensive but that is the product you purchased. Look at it as saving a bunch of money for doing a little work yourself. It seems to me that you purchased an unfurnished house and are unhappy it's not furnished!


That sounded meaner than I intended it to, sorry. I just suggest you download/print the stuff and then you will have it. I can see how you might have been confused about what you were getting but the upside is, it really is a good course I believe! Take care.


I was a little disappointed at first because R.S. was internet heavy when I started and wished that the reading material could have been downloadable instead of being saved as a web page. Now that they have increased what is available as a pdf, I am very pleased with the product and feel it is very much worth what I paid. Now if we could just download time to work on the Spanish (sigh.........)


I don't see what all the trouble is about I have the entire course on my hard drive and all the audio files on my ipod.


I thought that the course description was more than clear !!!! "Downloadable" !!!! Did it occur that no one asked for the address to ship CDs when purchasing?? I would like to suggest that RS review their font programming. I'm on iPad .. Font is very small and goes off the screen requiring constant moving of the screen back and forth side to side . Not a deal breaker .... Far from it. ..... Just a convenience thing. I am noticing how apple seems to jump out in front of programming issues. Ie like before they happen.. This is what makes them excellent as opposed to mediocre. ... Could / should happen here ... Like the program though .. A lot !!!!


I'm on the iPad and I have no problems at all. Try dowloader another browser. The atomic web browser for the iPad is excellent. Bonne chance


You can download both the MP3 audio files and the PDF text files. I have them all on my iphone, ipod and tablet. No need to be on line.


its oki


All of the audio files can be easily downloaded. I have also added all of the audio files to my iPhone and find it very helpful when listening in my car. Of note, I find it sometimes helps to at least go over the conversation (on computer) ahead of time so you are a bit more prepared for new lession on audio. It just takes a minute or two to review the conversation in advance.


tret46 – You have a lifetime membership ... as everyone has said, you can download everything to a laptop or your portable devices easily. I think that this is the way of the future especially considering our carbon print. We use less material, and there's no need to send updates. Once it's updated on the site, everyone gets it. I'm sorry you feel ripped off. You should check out the changes that have occurred since 2010. I believe that it will meet your needs.

Hi there! I've successfully downloaded all my audio and pdf files through DropBox which is a great app for downloading files, and it syncs up to my laptop, but I have a question for all you iPod users. Has anyone succeeded in being able to do the audio feedback and exams from an iPod/iPad or is that just something we need to wait on until there is a Rocket Language app for Apple? Thanks!


I'm sorry to hear that.


this is a online learning site.


I am happy with Rocket Spanish. I researched it and knew what I was buying before I actually spent the money. It's a shame that you feel ripped off, but I wish you luck. I will continue to use it and be one of the many happy customers!!



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