Hello- I am new to RS, having just started the course a few days ago. I feel a little overwhelmed, but am very enthusiastic and feel sure that if I apply myself I'll make progress. I want to learn Spanish primarily because of my love of futbol. Since moving to New York, I find I have several cable channels that give me games from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and all the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana games. The commentary is of course in Spanish. While I am learning grammar and introductory conversation, watching/listening to games could help accelerate my learning if I had a grounding in futbol vocabulary. I know a few terms, but need to know the many common ones that commentators are always saying, such as: foul save free kick shot tackle header referee yellow card (caution) crowd stadium crossbar, posts throw in Can anyone provide some translations or other resources? Muchos gracias!


Hola. When I want to know something, I now turn first to Google. I put "spanish terms for soccer futbol" (without quotes) into Google and came up with lots of hits, including at least two that should give you what you want: * __* *__* Espero que te ayude.


Thanks so much! I had tried google too, but not that particular word combination, and my results weren't nearly as good. That is perfect.

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