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Historic Thaw: Obama Scraps 'Outdated Approach' on Cuba


I have always wanted to see Cuba integrated back into the mainstream (out of isolation). Well, regardless of how this pans out, our friend and colleague Dan is certainly there at a pivotal time in Latin history!

Ava Dawn

Is this in the news? Would like to know more about the happenings between the United States and Cuba. From what I hear, they are only isolated with the US but has relations with other countries especially in the field of science and medicine. Can't wait to hear from Dan. Missing his presence in the RS forum.


I was watching President Obama's speech regarding this yesterday. This is great news. I am British & I am planning on going to Cuba next year & I have always thought that it is a great shame that there is a travel embargo in place between the US & Cuba as I would love to visit Miami & then travel to Cuba from there. Hopefully by the time I travel this will be possible.


Hello everyone. I returned from Cuba today. It was a great trip in general and I was rather proud of my ability to communicate with Cubans, as soon as I could get them to slow down for me. I feel privileged to have been in Cuba during this momentous time, and I will be writing about the experience in detail in the near future. Michael: I believe that as a holder of a passport from a country other than the US, you can easily travel from Miami to Cuba. The actual provision, which prohibits US citizens from spending any money in Cuba without the Treasury Department license, does not apply to citizens of other countries.

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