Hey, can anyone tell me *when* and *how long *school holdiays are in Spain? Cheers.


Hi El dude! I'm not sure what you mean by "school holidays", so I'll tell you about all levels and both summer and Christmas, ok? If it's school and highschool, summer holidays start usually around the June 20 to the 23rd, it depends on the year. They go back to school from September 15 to 29 or so, this varies a bit from school to school and also from different grades. If you are talking about university, there are exams til July, but not later than the first half of July usually. However, you go back to class at the beginning of October, so it's also good holidays. As for Christmas, the school break is from December 20 or 21 to January 7 or next working day after weekend if Epiphany (Wise Men/Reyes Magos) is around the weekend. If there's still anything you want to know about Spain or Spanish, just let me know! We also send out some pretty interesting stuff about Spanish in our free [url=]eNewsletter[/url:ovuszcnn], so if you're really interested, we'll keep you informed. Just check out our site when you have the chance.


Living in Spain with a school age child, all I can add is tooooo long _

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