I need help to translate something


Hi, I am giving a surprise to my future husband with our wedding invitation card, the original plan is to have it in English, but i would like to have it in Spanish too so that we can send it to his family in Argentina. Can someone help me to translate the text into Spanish? I will send the text with e-mail. Thanks in advance


Hi, That sounds like a really nice idea, good on you! I would be more than happy to help you.... as long as it's not 10 pages long... :roll: lol __mauricio at rocket spanish dot com.__ Talk to you soon. Mauricio :D


Hola Mauricio, Thanks a lot for your help, i've just sent it to your e-mail. Muchas gracias!


please translate the following to spanish: what? where? when? who? why? How?


¿qué? ¿dónde? ¿cuándo? ¿quién? ¿Por qué? ¿Cómo?


Hola Senior Mauricio! Gracias muy muchas de translaciones y muy encantado.


Mauricio, if Rocket Spanish is not the number one language program in the world, it soon will be with the new 2013 format. Such a great wealth of language learning information. I could hardly believe it when I received my copy and started browsing through it to see what was available in the new format. I was astounded at what I found and how well everything is laid out and how well everything works the way it is supposed to. The Rocket Review recording and playback system is the absolute best I have ever seen. My pronunciation started improving right away. Having the native speaker and the text both there is about all one could ask for. Being guided through the program with "recommended" lessons is great and helps one to keep moving and progressing in an orderly manner. Well, I could write a book on the improvements you have made but I will stop here. I'll say "congratulations on a winner" and keep up the good work. Jim.



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