Is that you?


Amy, I was recently on a Princess Cruise ship. They have videos of other cruise adventures. The narrator sound like you. Have you ever made this type of video?


Hi George, it's not Amy's voice on the videos as far as we know! Cheers!

Phédre nó Delaunay de Montréve

That. would. be. amazing.
Anyone curious about what "Maurico"  and "Amy" would be like in real life?


Same Here.!



I would be!


I would be too!


Ya know, with all of the Sp podcasts these days, I wouldn't be surprised if RS added a similar feature.  I am not ready for the Intermed podcasts, yet.  That is one reason I chose RS; to get a super strong beginner level.  Then I can use platforms.
The Sp podcasts offer a bit more relational aspect than RS.  A 'live-ness' vibe.  It creates a relationship, a bond.  We sense that with M & Amy.  Or at least we invent/imagine it.  And for the most part, it works.  It makes RS not so dry.
So, RS, consider if the market would support such a venture.  Maybe not, since there are so many 'competitors' [competitors for our time, let alone our money] on YouTube.
The YouTubers' strengths are: personality, zany-ness, contemporary, authenticity, interesting, interaction.   [SuperHolly, Españolistas, No Hay Tos, 1001 Juan, etc.]
Weaknesses.  They are not: comprehensive, scope&sequence, refined, curated
They are not a curriculum.  They are an interesting diversion.  They are fun.  They are like an up-close TV show.  Almost like a reality tv show.  Maybe they are their own genre!
Anyway, it would be fun to hear M&A live!  Us users enjoy their voices and banter.


¡Hola TravisB13!

Thank you for your suggestion! I will pass this on to the development team to consider.



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