Learning Spanish in India


Hi! I am Aloke from calcutta, India. I have started learning Spanish since last 4-5 months.I really love the language and the enormous variety & the nuances it offers.I have enrolled in a language school although I do much more at home as there are no dearth of resources on the net.I have mugged plenty of grammar specially the verbs of all kinds and tenses with their conjugations. However, the greatest problem I face is that there are hardly any speakers of the language in this city.So practicing a conversation is impossible.I listen to whatever Audio I can lay my hands on and also listen to lots of Latin american (internet) radio.As of now I carry on with a monologue and can speak a smattering of Spanish with plenty of grammatical errors. Any suggestions in this regard by anybody is most welcome


Hola Aloke. When I read your message, I thought immediately of the organization meetup.com. Through it, people organize get-togethers with others in their area who share a particular interest. There are many Spanish meetup groups around the world, so I looked to see whether there was one in Calcutta. What I found at *__http://spanish.meetup.com/cities/in/calcutta/__* were messages from two people in Calcutta who are interested in finding others with whom to speak Spanish. You might take a look at the site and see whether you can contact these people. Perhaps one or both of them live near you. ¡Buena suerte!

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