I know that there are a number of us who bought LSLC as well as Rocket Spanish and therefore visit both forums. I haven't been able to get logged on there for a couple of weeks. Now, the forum isn't even accessible. I have e-mailed Patrick a number of times but he hasn't even bothered to respond. Does anyone here know what's going on there? Gracias antemano, Nailteach


Hola nailteach. For some reason, I didn't see this posting of yours until today. Even though earlier today I posted the new URL for the Learning Spanish Like Crazy forum in responding to another post on this (Rocket Spanish) forum, I've decided to send this message as well, since its subject header is more likely to attract folks looking for LSLC. The Learning Spanish Like Crazy forum has been _very_ quiet for the past two weeks; I'm sure that is at least partly because few people know how to reach it. The new URL is *__*. Since there are a number of folks who read both forums (or used to, until LSLC did its disappearing act :( ), I'm hoping this message will help more people to find it. I might just add that I learned the new URL by writing both to Patrick and to the support address he advises us to use. Both Patrick and someone in support responded. I can't imagine why your messages went unanswered.


Hola nohablo, Thanks, actually it's because of you that I did finally find it again. No thanks to Patrick or the support team. _I can't imagine why your messages went unanswered._ Maybe it's personal :roll: There's certainly a lot more going on here than there. I'd thank him for recommending Rocket Spanish to so many of us, but I don't think he reads his e-mail. :wink: Gracias otra vez síhablo

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