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Ava Dawn

Las tremendas imágenes del incendio en la chilena Valparaíso (FOTOS)


Primero el terremoto en Chile y ahora este incendio grande. Siento compaciones para las victimas.


Mi hermano vivió en Chile en 2010, justo cuando ocurrió el terremoto destructor de ese año. We lost contact on him for a few days, did not know wether he was fine or not, luckily (for him) que was living in a northern city, and If I am not wrong the hard part was taken all over central and southern Chile. Speaking of Chile, that is a whole different Spanish over there! I like the way they talk but it is hard to follow even as a native speaker and apparently it is also the same all the way around (my brother didnt understand what they were saying the first 2 weeks, and neither his chilean friends with him hahaha). As you might have heard before, Mexican food is very spicy (not from spiced, but from chile), so the Chileans, looked at my brother in a weird way when he reffered to hot peppers as "chiles" instead of the word they use down there "ajíes" and got really offended that we call something the same as their country haha! Well, not offended, per se, but they did not like it that much, since the name of their country , of course, has an important meaning that comes either from Inca language or some other tribes like the Mapuches. Anyway!, Too bad for our chilean brother to have to suffer natural disasters one followed by another, specially the wildfire, because, regarding earthquakes, no other country is as prepared and well acustomed to them as Chile (they got earthquakes all year around)

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