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Perjorative terms?


Several times lately I have encountered the term mestizo, which I believe is a description for someone of mixed European and indigenous ancestry. Also I have seen mulato, criollo, and probably one or two others that I cannot think of right now. Since I am reading these terms in educational books I am assuming they carry no perjorative meanings in Spanish speaking countries the way they (or others) might here in the United States. But I would not want to offend a native Spanish speaker with a false assumption. Based on what knowledge of Cuba that I have, I do not think they are considered offensive there, merely descriptive. Mulata is an oft-repeated word in the great Cuban song, "Oyé Como Va," for example. What about other Spanish speaking countries?


Hola Dan, Mexico here. And no, we actually (most of us) describe ourselves as "mestizos", since, well, probably +80% of mexicans are a mix of different races, and even those who are not self identified as such, have at least a little mestizo mix deep inside. In the case of criollo, I also think you find it only in history or spanish books. Also , some latinamerican countries identify certain foods as "criollas" or "cocina criolla" when talking about some mixes. A similar thing happens with "mulato" or "mulata". So, you are right, it is not considered offensive, per se, of course it all depends on the context, but usually it is ok (at least here in Mexico).


Cristian: Gracias por tu respuesta. ¡Me encanta la comida criolla! Saludos, Dan


Mexican food can also be considered criolla and mestiza. The base of our food is a mixture between prehispanich cuisine (such as maize/corn, tomato and avocado) with the spices from middle east (due to the arab conquest over the spanish) and european/spaniard ingredients and meat. Best example I can think of is Tacos al pastor (my favorite). The meat comes from the pork (which came to us via the Spanish conquerors) in a spit (an imitation of the kebab and shawarma, that came from lebanese and middle eastern people in Mexico) and put into a tortilla (modern day tortillas are basically the same tortillas eaten by the aztecs) and topped with avocado (that grew on the region prior to the spanish conquest), a spicy salsa made with chile and tomato (same as avocado, both originated in mexico)and a little bit of cilantro/culantro/coriander (which also came from southern europe. All of that together , is México in one bite. Saludos!


Brillant. Thanks, Cristian.

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