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Hola :) I have recently purchased Rocket Spanish Premium, and I was just wondering if there is any chance that premium members can get a trial of the Plus package or the Platinum package before purchasing them? Also, I am a little too nervous to spend too much more money purchasing these packages straight away as they are quite expensive and my Spanish is still limited, but Rocket Spanish seem to give all the offers and such to new users straight away to get them to purchase straight away rather than waiting. I would quite like to cover all of the basics first, before purchasing the more advanced packages. Will it be possible for me to get a good deal on them later? Or will I have to do it now? Regards, Andrew


Hola Andrew, It's great to have you with us in your journey to learn Spanish. Unfortunately, we do not have a trial version for RS Premium Plus or Platinum, however, you can check out the contents and topics that are covered in these courses at the links below: For Premium Plus: For Platinum: I would recommend you cover the basics of Spanish with our Premium course first - and when you feel confident to move on to the next level - then you can purchase Premium Plus through the Members area. There is a "special-members" price on the side-bar on your Members lounge. -Mauricio :)

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