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Hey guys! After reading through your website and sampling your 6-part mini-course, rocketspanish seems really attractive. I really want to learn Spanish as alot of my co-workers are of Puerto Rican dissent. My question is will rocket spanish make me fluent in spanish in 3 months? That's quite a claim.

Hi, Kal! Glad to hear that you're ready and keen to learn Spanish! In my opinion, that attitude--in and of itself--will get you farther than the particular language-learning package you choose. We've seen really impressive results with people using Rocket Spanish because of its focus on *communicating*, not memorizing verb tenses. But, of course, not everyone gets that far in three months. I'd say that the crucial factor dividing those who achieved the results and those who didn't was attitude. People who had a real drive to learn dove right into the material, practiced every chance they got, and basically made it their goal to learn Spanish NOW. If you live, eat, and breathe a language, of course you're going to learn it faster than someone who's fighting it every step of the way! That being said, you raise a really good point. Fluency isn't just about being able to communicate your needs and get around in a foreign country (which Rocket Spanish aims to teach). Really, fluency is about being able to hold complex conversations and communicate whatever you want to say without the language holding you back. It probably takes years of immersion in a foreign country to get to that point! I guess what we wanted to emphasize is that Rocket Spanish will get you *speaking* Spanish, not just being able to get the right answer on a test. With our Interactive Audio Course, you should find it pretty easy to hold basic conversations in Spanish right away! And if you're speaking with your co-workers in Spanish on a daily basis, you'll find that your communication skills will grow by leaps and bounds. For Mauricio and me, it's not being able to use perfect grammar that matters as much as being able to* communicate* in whatever way possible. When people stress out about using the right word grammatically, they end up censoring themselves and feeling like they can't say anything right in Spanish. Don't _ever _buy a course that makes you feel that way! That being said, Rocket Spanish has a comprehensive grammar course as well, so if you want it you'll have it. Because of your excellent point, though, we're going to change the wording on that phrase to make it reflect more of what we really wanted to say. We wanted to emphasize the fact that Rocket Spanish will get you speaking Spanish confidently in a natural way that isn't going to sound "book-taught." Thanks again!


Thanks for responding Amy. Yes, I have a deep interest in learning Spanish. I probably have the Spanish channel on whenever I'm home, hoping to pick something up. Grammaticly correct isn't really important to me, as I have no interest in writing in Spanish, just being able to communicate with co-workers and make many new friends. And passing a test is irrelevant, as I am no longer in school. I'd say the only thing holding me back from getting the rocketspanish program is dinero. I just don't have the available funds for it right now.

Have you signed up for the 6-part mini course? There's piles of free stuff in that newsletter series that can get you started. It starts off really basic for newbies to Spanish, but if you decide to continue with the newsletter, there are some really fun lessons! Plus, of course, there are all the free lessons on the Rocket Spanish site itself! One of the things I like best about the free lessons on the Rocket Spanish site is the "Common Spanish Phrases" game, which tests your knowledge of really basic sentences in Spanish. Play it at: But most of all, what you're doing already is the best way of learning Spanish. We seem to forget that once upon a time, there were no language-learning courses. People had to pick up a new language by listening to it, by repeating the sounds, and by trying to make their meaning clear. That sounds like exactly what you're doing. Listening to the Spanish channel is ideal. Sounds great!

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