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Study Trip to Granada


So recently I spent a few weeks at Escuela Monalban in Granada, Spain. I booked through GoLearnTo so that I could do rock climbing as well as a week of language lessons (I think I might have heard about that on this forum). It was fantastic and I probably learned as much, if not more, in the 15 hours of morning tuition than I had from six months of my own self-directed teaching, just from being immersed in it. I had to complete a language grammar test before I went so they could gauge my level and I was paired with a German girl who had been studying there for three weeks already. The level of the class was perfect for where I was at with my learning on Rocket Language. We had two different teachers who took different approaches but the subjects were consistent throughout their lessons. Amongst other topics I learnt about irregular verb conjugations (specifically the 50:50 irregular verbs), using frequencies e.g. todos los/las…, casi siempre, a veces, cada etc, reflexive verbs, the pretérito perfecto tense and direct and indirect object pronouns specifically because I had been struggling to get to grips with them on here. On my return I was able to understand so much more of the RL conversations/lessons and flew through my next couple of modules. I wish I could have stayed longer (many of the other students were there for weeks and months as graduates or gap year student! I would highly recommend it as a way of furthering your study!! And if you are ever in Granada, Spain, definitely look up the school!


Thanks for the recommendation. Having learned French from total immersion and currently learning Spanish part-time on-line, I can certainly agree: if you have the time/resources to go total immersion, do it.


Jo: you didn't meet a teacher named Adela there did you? I have been Skyping with a woman of that name who teaches in a Spanish language school in Granada, but I do not remember the name of the school right now.


Thanks Steven.
Hi Dan, I was taught by Berna and Paco, and I didn't meet an Adela but I have looked on their website and there is a flamenco teacher called Adela?
If that is her, what a very small world!


Jo: No es el mundo pequeño. Mi amiga Adela enseña en una escuela diferente en Granada.

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