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Study/Work Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina


For 6 months I had the amazing opportunity to work and live in Buenos Aires. I gained valuable work experience as well as was able to practice my spanish! I lived in the west of Grand Buenos Aires in a pretty surburb called Ramos Mejia. The great thing about Ramos Mejia was that there weren’t many foreigners so it wasn’t a touristy area (like in the Capital where everyone could speak a bit of english). During my stay I worked at Fundación Ciclo, building international connections between the foundation and others by searching for and contacting various organizations through the world wide web. On certain days I taught English classes, which was so much fun. All of my students were really sweet and eager to learn. I also took spanish classes during my free time in order to help me better communicate with the people. The Foundation provided me with low cost housing as well as a small monthly stipend to help me out with minimal expenses. What was really cool is that the Foundation also gave us the option to live with an Argentine family! If you want to check it out go to or you can e-mail [email protected], (You can even tell them that I told you about it!) -Alicia May California


Hello Alicia, I know it's a little late, but thank you for the post. It sounds like a great opportunity. I will keep this in mind in case anyone ever asks me again about this type of thing. All the best and I hope you are still going strong with the Spanish study. Mauricio.

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