Studying in a Spanish country


I am currently trying to study abroad in the upcoming spring semester through my college in Virginia, US. I am going to not only learn about the culture and history of the country, but I also would like to improve my spanish so that I may be fluent. I would like to hear any personal experiences that any of you may have had studyingin any Spanish country. Thank you!!


I'm studying in Oaxaca in Mexico where there are many Spanish language schools and all are very good. The one I chose is Olla Tlahtoalli. It is less well known because it doesn't advertise. But it gives very individualised attention, and focuses on culture that is "real". As the owner says, "we don't give salsa lessons"....but they do take students to see the markets in the towns around, and invite people in to give simple talks on the arts and culture of the area. I would recomend it without hesitation.

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