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Hi, my name is Jillian and I am new to Rocket Spanish. I am excited about learning Spanish and cannot wait to get started. I have just one question (so far) in relation to the four CD's. I purchased the online version of Rocket Spanish and noticed that there are four CD's that can be purchased in addition to the downloads. I am confused as to what the four CD's contain. Can you please shed a little light on why I would purchase these. I really want to be successful in my quest to learn Spanish, so I want to be sure that I have covered all the bases. Also can you please tell me why someone would also purchase the other Spanish course Learn Spanish Like Crazy (sorry if I butchered the name)? Okay so I have two questions... :wink: Thank You, Jillian


Hola Jillian. Welcome to the Rocket Spanish forum! I'll leave your first question (about the 4 CDs) for someone else to answer, but since I not long ago recommended Learning Spanish Like Crazy as a great next step after Rocket Spanish, I'll try to tell you why I think so. Before I start, let me say that I don't think there's any need for you to buy any other program right now. I think you're best off going through the Rocket Spanish audio lessons and also going through some or all of the supplementary materials: the Instruction Manual, the Conversation Course, the Beginners Book and the Advanced Book, the MegaCards, the Vocabulary Supplement, and more. They're all available in .pdf format and can be downloaded from the Rocket Spanish Members Area that I think you were told about when you bought Rocket Spanish. These are great materials, and they should keep you busy for quite a while. Eventually, however, you'll finish the audio lessons, and even if you haven't finished with all the supplementary materials, you'll probably want to continue to improve your ability to speak and understand spoken Spanish. That's where Learning Spanish Like Crazy may prove very useful. Although it describes itself as suitable for beginners, I think it's really considerably more difficult than Rocket Spanish. In the Rocket Spanish lessons, Mauricio and Amy speak slowly and clearly, and they explain everything so you really understand what you're learning. The Learning Spanish Like Crazy speakers speak clearly but much more rapidly--at a pace more like you might hear in a real conversation. They speak with a variety of Latin American accents, and that too will prove useful. The lessons cover much more ground than do the Rocket Spanish audio lessons. Though it's possible to start with Learning Spanish Like Crazy, if you know no Spanish, I think you'd be wiser to begin with Rocket Spanish. It will give you a great start, and then you'll be ready to move to something more advanced. At that point, I'd highly recommend Learning Spanish Like Crazy. And, as I recall, even Mauricio recommended it in a Rocket Spanish newsletter several months ago. Please understand that I have absolutely no financial interest in Learning Spanish Like Crazy or any other program. In my quest to learn Spanish, I've used Rocket Spanish, Pimsleur (Levels II, III, and Pimsleur Plus), and Learning Spanish Like Crazy. I also briefly tried Rosetta Stone but didn't like it, so I can't really say much about it. Of the programs I've tried, the one I'd recommend most enthusiastically for beginners is Rocket Spanish. As the next step, I'd definitely opt for Learning Spanish Like Crazy. I found I learned more from the one level of LSLC than from all the different levels of Pimsleur (though there are good points to Pimsleur, too). I'm sorry to have babbled on at such length. Perhaps I should change my username on this forum to something other than Nohablo! :D


Hello Jillian, I agree with nohablo's post. I have also listened to LSLC and it would be a good challenge once you have finished Rocket Spanish. About the 4CD set. This option is there for people whose internet connection is not as good or fast as others. Also some people are not comfortable downloading files or may have trouble doing so. Like it says in the webpage. We've made the 4CD set available for our members free of change for this reason but we do have to cover the cost of making and posting the package. I hope that helps. All the best on your learning. Remember we are always here to help. :D Mauricio.

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