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The New Zealand influence



After listening to some of the Rocket Spanish Audio Book, I just had to ask this question. Did Mauricio learn English in New Zealand? Does he live in NZ? Right from day one of getting into this I kept seeing NZ references. Customer support made a comment about NZ perspectives, then sent me a copy of the CDs for free because it was being sent locally. Then there is also all the NZ Maori pictures that are used in the Mega Vocab game and the use of Nueva Zealanda in the beginner's book. Finally, although not noticeable in the audio lessons, when listening to Mauricio speak on the audio book, Mauricio talks which many NZ inflections, especially noticeable when speaking numbers and when he uses vowels. It's so contrasting to the thick US accent of the narrator and Amy, that I can't help but find it amusing, but in a good way. I find it so weird hearing an NZ accent amongst US accents. Yes, I'm a New Zealander


Hello GlennNZ Yes, you have a good ear... we are neighbours... lol. I moved to NZ when I was only 12 years old and I have made New Zealand my home since then... It's a great place and the fishing is fantastic... All the best and I hope you are still enjoying the package. Mauricio.

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