Things to do in Ourense


Hola,......I hope this is the correct forum to post this question. I will be visiting Ourense, Spain, soon and wondered if anyone could advise me as to places of interest. I ask this because despite much searching all I could find was one obscure reference to hot springs. I have tried the Spanish Tourist Board and many other places, but all seem to think that Southern Spain is the place to go! Can anyone assist?........ also with an Url that would give a reasonable size and detailed map Of Ourense and surrounding areas. Thanks for the lessons, I can't wait to try out my "Espanol", although from the little I have heard so far "Habla mas despacio" seems to be the phrase I will be using the most !!! Adios y muchos gracias


Hmmm.... I put Ourense into Google, and the first two hits (both in Spanish) seem to be to sites that provide tourist information about what to see and do. The second of the two is called Pagina Oficial de Turismo de Ourense. It offers sections like Museos, Arte, Gastonomía, Fiestas, etc. It's at *__*. The top hit, Concello de Ourense, seems to be a more government-oriented site (at *__*), but it has a Turismo section that may be helpful. There were lots more, but I'm not sure how many of them are useful. You could do the Google search for yourself and see. I hope this helps. ¡Tenga un buen viaje!


Hola nohablo, Thank you very much for the quick reply, but that site I had looked at and not understood. Do you think there is an English version or equivalent somewhere? :D


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