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Ava Dawn

I am now on lesson 12.3 Premium Plus and its getting more challenging but it is also getting more exciting. Just looking at the future being able to us, lo que, es que and la cual, that is where I want to be. I actually increase my learning by attending a beginning class at the Senior Center twice a week and starting a tutor next week. It is actually nice to attend this beginning class and see my co-seniors struggling with pronouncing the alphabet and even trying the numbers which are very basic to me. One of them actually asked why I am in that class and so I said to myself to be more quiet next time so they won't notice how easy are those classes for me. What I'm hoping is the long term scenario. They could potentially become my friends where we could we could be speaking in Spanish, maybe go on vacation together, go on cruises etc etc. Oh! Aurora is dreaming again!


Yes, there is nothing like being in a class. You get use to speaking and responding at conversation speed. It will also keep you motivated to keep learning with Rocket Spanish.


I agree with Robert. When the last college semester ended and my tutor went back to Peru for the summer...or winter from her perspective...I spent an hour a week in a Spanish conversation group. At first it was with advanced speakers and they just let me sit and listen, and contribute when I wanted to. Later I got into a group of people at closer to my level. Now I'm back with my tutor again but this year I am forcing myself to speak more Spanish. Then a couple of weeks ago I noticed a church here in Roanoke that was advertising ESL classes. I have been thinking of volunteering there just for the opportunity to be around Spanish speakers more often. Aurora, is this your first time through Rocket Spanish? You are just a little bit ahead of me in the lessons, yet you have amassed a very impressive number of points. What is your secret?

Ava Dawn

Yes, this is my first time with Rocket Spanish. I started in January of this year. I took an online class in Spanish last year. It lasted 6 weeks. It was pretty good but not as good as Rocket Spanish. You really get your money's worth with RS. I love the audio portion of Rocket Spanish. I keep listening to the same unfamiliar words again and again. On the beginner's class at the Senior Center, it took the class a few weeks just being comfortable with greetings. The instructor said that we have to keep reading and speaking the same words and phrases every day until we become familiar with it. And that is what I actually do with Rocket Spanish. The nice things about Rocket Spanish is the audio portion. I could just keep Mauricio or Carmen do the repetition and I just listen to it again and again until it's familiar. Of course when I am at work, I still could not remember the lesson. This might be the secret that Dan is asking about. I just put a lot of time with the Rocket Spanish lessons. I don't know how much I could retain long term. It really does not matter. I am still exercising my brain. I guess the real secret is patience and perseverance.

Ava Dawn

"Really, she is a person that I don't know". "De verdad que ella es una persona a la cual no conozco". Here is an example of a sentence that I already can read and understand but if I have to translate the "Really, she is a person that I don't know" without RS I would say "Es verdad, ella es una persona que no se". With Rocket Spanish, I realize the importance of "De verdad", "que ella", "a la cual" and the difference between "conocer" and "saber". I tend to forget "conocer" and use "saber" more. This is just an example of repetition. After a while RS just sounded right.


I though of joining a class and travel to Spanish spoken country, but i keep telling my self to wait until I'm done with this program to be in higher class and get more benefit on improving not only learning the basic. but it seems its took more time than i thought.. how many the average it took to be done with this program? + do u think Is it really helpful to join a class while being with this course, or this enough until u master then join a class ?

Ava Dawn

I long to go to Madrid to attend one of those immersion classes, but not this year or even next year. Family responsibilities calls first. I wish a native Spanish speaker would actually test me of my progress. They would do the greetings but very little of the small talk. I started a tutor last week, so let us see how this goes. I really think a cruise would be perfect. Everybody would be in one place. I wish someone would organize it that won't cost an arm and a leg.

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