I have recently aquired the Rocket Spanish as a download. I am new to Spanish (Castillian). On one of the lessons it gives the sentence "Quiero algo para tomar" "I want something to drink". Is tomar a Latin American word for drink and not castillian Spanish word for drink. If so will i find the entire Rocket Spanish lessons confusing. :(


The topic of tomar vs. beber comes up from time to time on the WordReference forum, and the consensus seems to be that both terms are used and understood both in Latin America and in Spain.


*If so will i find the entire Rocket Spanish lessons confusing* It's not more confusing than the English language. When I go to the restaurant , the one waiter asks me what I want to eat, the other ask me what I am having today. So, what are you having can mean eat or drink. When the question is having, you can answer with eat or drink. When the question is : eat or drink, you may answer with having. I didn't answer your question, as nohablo already has. I just want to point out that every language has his own way, also your native language. Just study without trying to split hairs ( you can do that later ), and soon enough it will become second nature. Best of luck with Rocket Spanish. It certainly rocked my boat.


[quo]*Quote:* Quiero algo para tomar[/quo] Certainly used in Spain with the meaning of drinking. Confusing? Yes, but you soon get used to it, and the context usually makes it clear. Alan


Thanks for all reply's....

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