Tu Sombra: Pesdao



Hey all, By chance anyone have the CD: "_Tu Sombra"_ by Pesado? I'm trying to find out the name of the last song on the CD. It's an "extra" song so there is no title. It's the last 3:14 of the CD (there's about 1 min or so of dead space between it and the last named song). It sounds and feels like a classic, old song and since I'm not fluent enough (yet) I can't figure out what it is called. Also if anyone knows the chorus to _"Te Quiero Te Amo"_, of the same CD, I would be forever in your debt. There's a word I can't figure out. It sounds like _"miásifal"_ P.S. Sí te gusta música el norteño, then this CD is a must! Thanx.

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