una cartera


Can "una cartera" be used as a wallet, as well as a purse? Cheers


Hi Oli, Not a 100% sure on that one, in Chile we use "Billetera" for wallet and "Cartera" for a woman’s handbag or purse... but I think in some places, they may use “cartera” for everything... not sure. Kind regards, Mauricio


Go here: http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=cartera The dictionary at the site I linked to is proving to be extremely helpful for me. Hope that helps you.


hola!!! In Mexico we use the word "cartera" for a lot of diffrent things. One of them is the mens wallet...."La cartera de hombre" ;) So if you come to Mexico, you can use "cartera" for talking about a wallet, or also "billetera" which comes from the word "billete" or bill (as in dollar bill). "Cartera" comes from "carta" or letter...so its the bag you put the letters, mail or postcards that is used by the mailman or postman (in England :P).




I think it can be used for both- I used another language program before this one and they used cartera for wallet.



In Mexico it means wallet, but in other Spanish speaking countries, Argentina for example, it means handbag. Saludos, Victoria

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