Visual Aids


Are there any visual aids or is the whole course audio?


Hello Jim, If necessary you can print off the pdf version of the lessons in the course, and there are flashcards as well. Though if you mean video by 'visual aids' then you would have to buy the Tutor lessons, which if I remember correctly, costs 20 dollars. I hope this helps. Brittany

Phédre nó Delaunay de Montréve

What would also be nice is adding images to the flashcards. Has anyone tried adding an image?


Brittany how do you get a copy of the title lessons?


Hola Rodney, I get the copies of the pdf's for title lessons in the "Interactive audio", the "Language and Culture" and "Survival Kit" lesson sections. All you do is click the individual lessons and click the pdf (or little rectangle) shape at the top of the lesson page; it's right next to the testing symbols up there. I hope this helps! Brittany


no image although i saw 1 someone added


Hey Rodney J,
Have you been able to get copies of the title lessons? I've noticed that downloading and printing the pdf. of each lesson has greatly helped me. Were my instructions for that helpful? If not, what did you mean by title lessons?

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