Wiracocha Spanish School, Cusco Peru


Hi there, Does anybody have experience of the Wiracocha Spanish School in Cusco, Peru? Thanks, Johan


Sorry I have been to Cuzco but can only speak about the school I went to, I hung out with others from my school but didn't meet people from other schools but I am sure there are several good ones in Cuzco. The one I went to was http://www.amautaspanish.com/ and I was there for 3 weeks. I can only say it was the trip of a lifetime for me and the highlight was not seeing Macchu Picchu (great as that was) it was interacting with the mostly young people there. This school attracted many interesting people, often of college age, who were interested in combining language study on offer with volunteering opportunities also provided by the school (such as helping with a school for street orphans or deaf children). So they were a public spirited lot, often European, and there were some older Americans too so there was a good mix of ages. As far as the quality of teaching went I had no complaints, I learned a lot in three weeks and only wish I had continued my practice upon my return to Scotland as I soon forgot a lot of it, but that is my fault not the school's. However as I say it was a very enjoyable social experience for a shy person like me I really enjoyed the socialising with some really cool and genuinely nice people. But I am sure wherever you go you will get good teaching and Cuzco is a wonderful city with lots of places to go to from there. I would say though don't necessarily pick the cheapest school as it might be small and not many people to hang out with, I much preferred being at a bigger school although it cost me a little more. Hope this helps, Colin

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