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If you have some questions or want to share some feedback about your course, there’s a good chance a fellow learner has had the same idea! You can take a look at some of the latest posts to see if your question has already been answered, or share your thoughts with the Rocket Spanish teachers and learners by posting your comments at the bottom of the page.

Leaderboard badge color not updating

Hi My badge color on the leaderboard never updates. It seems to be stuck on green although I am now silver. Is there something I should be doing to change this? Thanks

3 replies - Last post by Joe-C4 -
Feb 10, 2019

What is going on? The program is unusable right now.

A "Congratulations!  You've just achieved a new badge." window is popping up EVERY SINGLE TIME I  earn a point.   Please fix it!    

4 replies - Last post by Joe-C4 -
Jan 23, 2019

Technical problem

How do you advance to the next flashcard etc in the reinforcement section? I don't have a next button or arrow to advance to the rest of the flashcards/ questions/ quizzes.

1 reply - Last post by Joe-C4 -
Jan 22, 2019

Saving your progress

Is there a way to save the fact that you have completed a lesson so it will show up as completed on your dashboard?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jan 21, 2019


I see that on the test section, like write it, it has a number of answers. It will say 0/24 but there is only one write it word. The same thing with the flashcards. Does it go up in number so you can do all 24 or so?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jan 7, 2019


Just found blog post on hotkeys and tried it out.  Can't seem to get hotkeys to work.  Hotkeys 1-5 are supposed to allow you to rate yourself, but when I press any of them, I get no response.  Not sure what I'm missing here to get them to work.  Any suggestion would be appreciated. CG

2 replies - Last post by Joe-C4 -
Dec 29, 2018

Microphone selectively can't hear me

Rocket works perfectly fine recording me speaking while using my computer, phone, and Android tablet, EXCEPT for anything that comes after "a las," as in "a las cinco" if I'm stating a time.  It hears everything up to the end of "a las" and then completely ignores the number, especially if it's...

8 replies - Last post by Joe-C4 -
Dec 29, 2018

Looking for this?

If any one is looking for the 300 most common Spanish words you will find them on this link!

1 reply - Last post by Joe-C4 -
Dec 29, 2018

Possible bug

In Spanish alphabet pronunciation in level 1 module 1, Ja-ja is listed and it seems to be expecting the pronunciation of the actual dash. It has recognized my pronunciation of both jotas multiple times but after maybe 45 minutes still refuses to 100% it regardless of how long or short a pause I...

1 reply - Last post by Joe-C4 -
Dec 29, 2018

How to add course flashcards to My Flashcards?

Hi there, does anyone know how I can add a course flashcard deck to My Flashcards?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Nov 12, 2018

Module 16 Certification - write it test has no audio

Trying to take Module 16 Certification and went through the Hear it/say it portion. Then started the write it portion and after two "write it" responses, the audio stopped playing. That has happened before in another language I am studying and after the third try, it was okay; however, it is...

0 replies - Last post by ClaudetteD2 -
Nov 1, 2018

The additional conjugations being added to the Language & Culture lessons are really cumbersome and not very helpful

For example lesson 15.6 went from 9 to 139 exercises, and they are all:  yo diga, tu digas, usted diga, el diga, ella diga, nostros digamos, nosotras digamos, vosotros digáis, vosotras digáis, ustedes digan. ellos digan, ellas digan.  And then it goes through the same thing with hacer,...

3 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 -
Oct 21, 2018

Microphone problems

Anybody else having problems recording their voice since the new update?  My app kicks me out of the app when I try to record my voice.

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Sep 27, 2018

300 Most Common Spanish Words

The 300 Most Common Spanish Words is gone from my survival kit.  I just had them yesterday and I was going to print them out today as a reference but it’s not in my app anymore. How can I get them back?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Sep 25, 2018

Technical Glitch

I am brand new to Rocket Languages and signed up yesterday for all three Spanish Levels. I am having trouble with Hear It/Say It, Read It and Know It. Each section has for instance 0/25. I am only getting 1 item in each section. There should be 25 if it says 0/25. How do i proceed beyond the 1st...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Sep 3, 2018

Where are the books?

I had to switch phones. On my old phone I had the rocket spanish books, and now I cannot find where to download them. 

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Sep 3, 2018

page not loading?

Hi Module 3.9 (Estar) doesn't seem to be loading for me. What do I do? All the other modules are loading fine. I keep refreshing the page but it doesn't load. Help!

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Sep 1, 2018

How do I download the app for an iPhone

How do I download the app for an iPhone?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Aug 16, 2018

Hear it say it

I am on my first lesson and I am at the Hear it say it section.  I did the first one, and it is not moving on to the next word.  at the top it says 0/14.  After I reveal my answer, it doesn't seem to give me an option to move on to the next word.  

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jul 10, 2018

Problem with Numbers in Spanish Level 2

I’m not sure if this is happening to everyone, but when I use the app to complete “Hear it,” “Write it,” or “Know it” exercises that contain numbers there is a major issue with the programming. For instance, if the statement says something like, “en el año 1570...” and I...

2 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 -
Jun 24, 2018

Daily Points Feedback/Comment

As much as I love this program, perhaps the most time consuming part is actually listening to the audio lessons. Don’t get me wrong, this is the most valuable portion of the Rocket Spanish program precisely because it tests students on comprehension and the application of their knowledge,...

1 reply - Last post by the-hefay -
Jun 23, 2018

Getting back in

For years I have been starting and stopping this course.  When I stop I forget what I previously learned.  This time I am serious about it and want to get started again. I am not sure how to do that.  I would like to have my points deleted so that I can have a fresh start.  Where do I go to...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
May 22, 2018

Spanish Novice, Spanish Learner Badges

I got 2 badges today while I was studying--one at 500 points, and one at 1000 points--as if I was a brand new Rocket Spanish student.   I know it's a system glitch that will be fixed,'s kind of fun, too.   You should give more badges.  Say, monthly badges to recognize streaks, or...

5 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 -
May 20, 2018

Demoted to Spanish novice

I have 115609 points and was a gold star master but suddenly I am a novice. What happened?

4 replies - Last post by yademas -
May 18, 2018

Dónde está: Non-vocabulary information from interactive lessons

I’ve been looking for the non-vocabulary information from the interactive lessons and can’t find it. Does it exist somewhere or only in the audio? I’m looking for the information Amy gives;  why do you certain things, how it works or various other information.  It would be very useful...

4 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
May 14, 2018


Anyone else finding it difficult to get through the 300 commonly used words?  Feels like parrot learning particularly when I don't understand the various verb conjugations.  Hope this will become clearer as I progress.

6 replies - Last post by RebeccaA18 -
May 10, 2018

The Flashcards

I love the flashcards that come with this course. However, I think it would be much more helpful if the flashcards corresponded with the audio lessons. For example, the flashcards would be broken up into section. The third page of flashcards that went with section 1-3 would have words like...

5 replies - Last post by Ramsey-P -
May 9, 2018

Problem in the Travelogue, lesson 8.4 A New Itinerary - Part 2

Just a few lines into the dialogue, María responds, "Pff!" to one of Miguel's comments.   When you go to "Practice this Conversation" and then "Play as Maria" part of the lesson, there is no option to record this "Pff!" sound, and the lesson freezes there, and you are unable to finish...

1 reply - Last post by Ramsey-P -
May 7, 2018


how do i ad flashcards to the list I have started?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Apr 23, 2018

Beginners Blog

According to the programmers, we are to blog, sharing our thoughts and lending support to each other.  As a new learner, I wanted to start a current thread for this purpose.  I wanted to share some learning techniques with you. I have started every lesson by first, scrolling down to the...

14 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 -
Apr 19, 2018


Where do I download the new upgrade.

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Apr 3, 2018

Lesson progression

I have recently started rocket Spanish and am currently at module 4 of Premium Level 1.  I previously knew quite a bit of Spanish, but am very out of practice and wanted to shape up before my trip to Bolivia at the end of the year.  I wanted to know how people generally progressed through the...

5 replies - Last post by the-hefay -
Mar 16, 2018

survival kit lessons

In the survival kit section section there was a book that you could download and it had a lot of useful lessons and material available. Since this most recent change I can no longer find it. Is it just something that was dropped, and if so, why?

3 replies - Last post by the-hefay -
Mar 14, 2018

Conocer vs Saber

Yes. I've been to France, England, and Germany. Sí. Conozco Francia, Inglaterra, y Alemania. If I changed the conocer to saber, can I still use it with a different meaning like I know of France, England and Germany without ever going there? Sí. Yo se (with accent in e) Francia, Inglaterra,...

6 replies - Last post by the-hefay -
Mar 7, 2018

¿Correcto o no?

En la lección 18.2 hay esta frase:   Tampoco me gusta turbulencia. No me da mareo, pero me da miedo. I don't like turbulence either. It doesn't make me sick, but it does scare me. ¿No debería ser "Tampoco no me gusta turbulencia"? Y si no, ¿por qué? Gracias, Dan

5 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 -
Feb 19, 2018

Mobile app use synced?

I worked on the iphone mobile app yesterday but my account doesn't show the progress I made. How do I avoid having to do it over?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jan 18, 2018


Hi new to this but how do I get the accents over the vowels from the Spanish keyboard?

3 replies - Last post by DeniseM14 -
Jan 8, 2018

Downloading lessons

Hi there i understand I can download the lessons on to my iPad so I can listen to them when I don’t have internet access. I however can’t work out actually how to do this. When I click on the download option is starts playing the lesson and looks like it is downloading at the same speed . So...

2 replies - Last post by Rocket-Languages -
Jan 4, 2018


In rocket Spanish 2018, where can I go to look up the conjugation of a verb?

5 replies - Last post by rizhaider -
Dec 27, 2017

Learning Order

I have purchased all three levels and was wondering the best order to complete these. Should I do all of the audios first, then language & culture? Or should I do module 1 audio and  then module 1 language and culture and continue like that.  No where on the site do I see a suggested order of...

2 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 -
Nov 9, 2017

translate options

Is there any place in the program for you to do an english to Spanish translation or vice versa, kind of like google translation?

2 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Nov 6, 2017

Premium Plus: Level 2

I have finished Premium: Level 1 of the Rocket Spanish course and have now started with the next level, Premium Plus: Level 2. I was wondering whether any of you, who have already done this level, found it to be a lot more challenging than the first level? I find that the sentences are a lot...

4 replies - Last post by yademas -
Oct 31, 2017

where are the flashcards?

Where have the flashcards gone?

2 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Oct 25, 2017

Recommendations - My flashcards - optimal repetitions

I have used a supermemo some years ago to learn en English. It provided very good tools to remember as much words with at least repetition cycle.  I liked this idea very much as it helped me to learn a lot of words and I did not need to repeat them all the time - only those words where I did...

4 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 -
Oct 23, 2017

Option to turn off voice recognition?

I didn't see the option to turn off voice recognition this morning. Has there been a change?  

0 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 -
Oct 14, 2017

Steps description art confusing in Testing / Write ıt

Hola ı enjoy your app very much and addicted already... i spotted one issue and need to inform you.  In testing section , write it , when you touch " i " to get information how to do, to rate my input , i have to input and speak and after listening it rates me. However according to your...

3 replies - Last post by Matthew-H68 -
Sep 26, 2017

Leader board request

I really enjoy the leader board and seeing how my study habits compare to others and sometimes I find myself studying a little longer than I want jut to put me in a better location.  However when I look at my rankings on the leader board it is comparing me with all languages.  While it is...

2 replies - Last post by Rodney-J -
Aug 27, 2017

Your badges are all messed up

I keep getting new badges...the most recent being "Spanish Apprentice" when I passed 1,000 points in today's studies.   I have 198,525 total points.   They system seems to be rewarding badges by daily point totals, and not on grand totals.   The same was happening yesterday.  

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Aug 3, 2017

Module tests on Ipad

I am trying to take the module tests for Spanish. I can't find them in the app and when I use Chrome on my Ipad it doesn't seem to work properly. In the first Module it looks like I had to grade myself when speaking, that seems strange when in the lessons the program does, but that got me going...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jul 19, 2017

Spanish Travelogues

If I am a beginner, what is the best way to incorporate these? Do I wait?

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jul 7, 2017

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