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En El Banco - Hay una razón por la que no vine a entiendo la traducción por "por la que" . This is used very often and i do not understand it. Probably just something that has to be memorized and used????


I would translate "por la que" as "for which".

If I remember correctly, there is a whole section on these connectives in the second course where Carmen is talking with Mauricio about a camping trip.


Also, the accompanying grammar lesson 12.9 deals with these things as well. I have been through this lesson 3 times now, and I still cannot reliably figure out when I can just use que, or if I need lo que, el que, etc. 


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This link regarding relative pronouns explains things far better than I could. Hope it helps.  


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The expression can be used for multiple reasons; Steven's translation is definitely accurate for this instance and Ricardo's post has a very clear explanation. Another possible translation could have been "there's a reason why I couldn't come to visit (you?)..."

I understand it as a consecutive or causal connector; they are usually used in cause-effect sentences and they usually introduce the cause of something. 



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