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help can not find games in my download!!

Hi there I just downloaded your course last night and I can not get in the games. After iI down loaded them onto a "zip" I tried to open them but only get a lot of steps and end up opening then I “extracted” them but I’m just getting a bunch of files to open that show pictures and nothing like the game cards you show on wed site. Would appreciate any help Thanks

Hi Suzanne! Once you extract the folder, it will create a folder called MegaSpanish in the location that you specified. Delete the old folder, open up the new MegaSpanish folder, and double-click on the red and blue icon of the rocket, filename RocketSpanish.exe. If you can't find out where your unzipped MegaSpanish folder was saved to, simply do a search for the filename "RocketSpanish.exe" -Amy


I can't find the games they talk about in the Spanish lessons.  The last post about games is 10 years old.  Are the games no longer available?
Thank you


I think the games went away awhile back. They were pretty basic anyway, so no real loss.


I do kind of miss the games, especially the ones with falling words.  It forced me to think quickly as I dragged the words into the proper order.


I would like to see some games developed that utilize vocabulary words. I know the old games went away when they moved away from Flash.

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