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I have purchased all three levels and was wondering the best order to complete these. Should I do all of the audios first, then language & culture? Or should I do module 1 audio and  then module 1 language and culture and continue like that.  No where on the site do I see a suggested order of learning.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi DavidH53, 

The course is flexible so you can choose how to take the lessons, the suggested order we provide is by following the numbers in the lessons, so first with the Audio lessons, then the Language&Culture lessons and then the Survival Kit ones. 

However, some users feel more comfortable following the order backwards or taking an audio lessons and then a language&culture one, it'll depend on what works for you best. 

Kind Regards


David: I began linearly (all audio lessons, then language and culture lessons, then survival kit lessons) in a unit. Later I discovered that some language and culture lessons were related to the audio lesson. So I got into the habit of doing a L&C lesson, then an audio lesson, alternating back and forth through a unit, finishing up with the survival kit lessons. An added advantage for me is that the L&C lessons are shorter and they tend to teach specific grammatical concepts, so it was a nice rhythm for me. But you should play around and find what works best for you.

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