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I have used a supermemo some years ago to learn en English. It provided very good tools to remember as much words with at least repetition cycle.  I liked this idea very much as it helped me to learn a lot of words and I did not need to repeat them all the time - only those words where I did mistakes were repeated.
It would be very nice if you can incorporate this to your flash cards functionality - so I can schedule number of items repeated every day and my forgetting index and the system will show me the words from all already learnt topics in a defined order.  This technique is a quite known

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Hi ViliamM, 

Thank you for your feedback; I will forward it to our Product Development team for their consideration. 

Kind Regards!


Did you get rid of the flashcards for the lessons. I really liked that.  If there is still a way to get the flashcards for each lesson please let me know.

The public ones are not as good.


Never mind. I found out how to create my own flashcards from the lessons. 


Villiam: it sounds like what you are asking for is an SRS, or Spaced Repetition System. I use a program called Anki for this purpose. I agree that not having to review words you already know is a waste of your time, and that being asked to recall the meaning of a word just before you forget it is a good thing.

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