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I've been away from Rocket Spanish for awhile as there wasn't anything more I could do with the Platinum course. I just purchased the Rocket Spanish Travelogue today.

I am really impressed with the new interface: a slick presentation with exceptional responsiveness.  I'm also finding the new course quite useful. Great job, Rocket Languages. It's nice to be back.


Esteben: He estado preguntando donde fuiste. ¡Bienvenido de nuevo!


Hi Steven,

Welcome back!  It's great to hear that you are enjoying the new interface.

All the best.


Hola Daniel y Margaret,

Muchas gracias por la bienvenida. Estoy contento de seguir de nuevo un curso de RS. ¿Hay mucha actividad en el foro desde hace tiempo?




Esteben: Estaba ausente por un mes estudiando en Costa Rica, pero parece un poco silencioso sin tu presencia.

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias a todos!



Daniel: Acabo de echar un vistazo en otra parte del foro (Cultura y Viajes) y no dijiste nada sobre tu estancia en Costa Rica. ¡¿Porqué?! Cuéntanos lo que viste e aprendiste.


I'm wondering why, with the Travelogue conversations, only a small percentage of the 21 minute conversation is listed below in written form.  ( have only gone through the first conversation so far )


¡Hola SteveB32!

Gracias por su pregunta.

In the Travelogues, there is currently one audio file per chapter, and this is contained in the first lesson of each chapter. So the extra minutes of audio are for the rest of the lessons in the first chapter.

This can understandably lead to some confusion! I have passed this on to our development team to see if the audio can be arranged in a more logical way.

Gracias otra vez y saludos,



I am uncertain about how to integrate the Travelogues into learning in the main program. I am still a beginner, still in the Level 1  lessons.

I would appreciate any feedback.



¡Hola Michael!

The Travelogue lessons are a bit more intense, as they're intended for intermediate to advanced users. We generally recommend finishing at least Level 1 before starting to tackle the Travelogue lessons.

When you do feel ready to start them, there are a number of different strategies for using the Travelogues together with the other lessons - it's all about finding the strategy that works best for you and keeps you the most interested and motivated! This review here outlines one method that might be helpful: 

If you have any more questions on this, please don't hesitate to ask!



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