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Steps description art confusing in Testing / Write ıt



ı enjoy your app very much and addicted already...

i spotted one issue and need to inform you. 

In testing section , write it , when you touch " i " to get information how to do, to rate my input , i have to input and speak and after listening it rates me. However according to your description it suppose to rate after I write .

i may be doing something wrong. Please advise 

I have also issue in "hear it " section. Even though I complete 100%  that section never become green. 

Thanks for support


I can speak to sections that don't change to green as it happens to me periodically (my internet cuts out from time to time). Try refreshing the browser and returning to the section you "finished". If it is like what I experience, you will see phrases that still need to be completed (i.e., those that you did when your internet kicked out).


Muchos gracias Steven. I follow your recommendation and it works. 

I guess from app producer, they need to find solution sooner or later to be able to work offline in this beautiful app


Yo understandemante sus problemo con los seccion de pruebas. Tengo problemo con eso tambien, pero en clase de espanol en linea. 

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