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Survival Kit "Numbers greater than 10" missing ...


My Rocket-Fuel-Weekly-Update invited me to do this unit. I clicked the link and started it. So far no problems.
But I cannot access this unit from the website, neither the menu shows an entry nor the dashboard. According to the audio-file it should be a Survival Kit of Level 1. I fully completed Level 1, everything is/was at 100%, so this unit seems to be not linked to the level. Could you please check this, thanks.

Perhaps there are other things still missing :). The flashcards-menu of Module 1 doesn't collapse like the others, maybethere is a problem, too?

Another question: How about your plans to integrate Travalogue into the main Rocket Spanish Course? Is there any news?


... and in the second course the survival kit "Public Transport" isn't available from the menu/dashboard, but there is an audio file. 

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Hundetier, 

Thank you for the feedback. I have gone ahead and reported the lesson from the Survival Kit missing from the Dashboard. 

The Modules in the Flashcards seem to be working as usual. I was able to collapse it and expand it at will, do you continue to have the same problem? 

We are definitely planning to add the Travelogue into the Rocket Spanish course; however, we have not been informed of any specif date yet. 

Did you also receive the 'Public Transport' lesson in the newsletter? Was it the same as for the 'Numbers greater than 10'? Or, can you please let me know the date when you received it? 



Hi Marie - I was wondering  why the Travelogue wasn't integrated into the standard course. I'm glad to hear that it's in the works. 


Hi Marie,
thank you for your feedback.

I did't get a newsletter link for "Public Transport". I only compared my downloaded audio-files with the units for both Modules.  And found the corresponding audio to the survival kit (RS_PP_Bonus_6_Public_Transport.mp3). 

When I go to Flashcards, there are all completed modules collapsed. Despite  Module 1, this opens up automatically. It is not a problem, it was only a bit annoying because I had to close it manually (or scroll down) to see where the next unfinished set is. Perhaps this Module isn't unfinished, only the uncompleted part isn't visible for me :)

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Yes, we're definitely working on merging the Travelogue and the Spanish course :) 

Thank you for all the details Hundetier; I see what you mean, the 'Public Transport' lesson is available for download but not reflected on the drop-down menu in the Module itself.

It seems the issue with the Flashcards for Module One is related to the Beginners book and the conversation course, as so that could be the reason why it was not collapsed... I have also reported these to our tech support team.



Hello Marie,
a short update: "Private Transport" is now available on the menu under Survival kits, but it doesn't show up in the Dashboard. "Numbers greater than 10" is still not there.

Thank you for your help and explanations!

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