'Write it' Test component


I have just started doing the Write it component of the testing for Module 1 and I can't find how to write symbols that are specific to Spanish like the inverted question mark. I am using Firefox browser on an iMac.


At the bottom right corner of the text entry area you should see a little keyboard icon. Clicking on the icon will bring up a keyboard that can be used for ñ and other accented characters.

Alternatively you can reprogram your keyboard into the US International keyboard, then you can quite easily type these characters. I have used this method for a long time and much prefer this method.


Many thanks!
I actually noticed the keyboard icon not long after I posted the query. But it's very slow and clicky so I was grateful for the suggestion to rprogram the keyboard.
Unforunately it doesn't seem to be possible with the smaller Apple keyboard I use. Will try reverting to the larger Apple keyboard later but even if that doesn't work it's reminded me about basic things I should have thought of first. So thanks again for your time.. 


¡Correction! It works with both Apple keyboards when the driver changes gears properly.
Muchas gracias.

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