Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Grammar Cristiano tiene decidido que seguirá en el Real Madrid

Cristiano tiene decidido que seguirá en el Real Madrid



Interesting news for soccer fans but not my point...

I can't remember seeing this construction before so I was wondering exactly how the following two phrases differ:
- Cristiano ha decidido...
- Cristiano tiene decidido...
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Steven, 

They don't differ actually, you can use either expression and they are both correct. The formula of tener + participio is known as a verbal periphrasis. In this case 'tener' is acting as an auxiliary verb followed by a transitive verb (this periphrasis can only be formed with transitive verbs). In this case 'tener' has the exact same meaning as 'haber' in a compound tense: 

Según tengo oído, es muy interesante.
Según he oído, es muy interesante. 

Hmm... Usually this construction adds a touch or reiteration or insistence: 

¡Lo tengo dicho!
¡Lo tengo decidido!

So, you may take that as little difference...?

I hope this helps!


Such subtleties are way beyond my level but it's helpful for me to know that both constructions are "roughly" equivalent.

Thanks, Marie! 


Thanks Marie.  I learned something new today.

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