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suyas, tuyas nuestras, confusion



it seems to me that suyos, nuestros and the various constructs centered on these words  are beyond my comprehension. The further I go, the more confused and lost i become. there is no immediate explanation or assistance that i can comprehend. Whatever learning style i have does not jive with this format; apparently i need a person to explain some of these variables to me in person. any suggestions? I am just not picking it up, i get depressed about this matter. An example is this notification that the platform will email me when someone replies. This of course entails me departing from the platform, accessing email, digesting the information (perhaps), then returning to the platform, attempting to utilize the info, not doing it correctly, and then having to return to email. This may work readily for many of the students, but not for me. every move on the computer beyond the mundane is time consuming, distracting and ultimately frustrating and difficult. Frustration/ aggression complex. I may have to bail on this program, the information is just not penetrating. apparently i need one on one direction.



¡Hola JonW27!

It sounds like you're struggling a bit with this topic, but don't despair! 

When you're learning on your own, it can be easy to stress yourself out about not being able to grasp a concept. My advice is always to take a deep breath and walk away for a bit. You can move on to a new topic, head back and do some review, or even just leave the computer entirely and get your mind on something else for a while! When you come back to it, you'll be calmer and will have a clearer head for trying to deal with the problem. And if you're still just not getting it, then that's what we're here for on the forums!

As for switching from your email to the site and back, you don't actually have to do that if you don't want to - the email just notifies you that someone has answered your post. If you open up the forum, you'll find a section labeled “Your Conversations,” where you'll be able to see conversations that you've taken part in. From there, you can quickly find the conversation that someone has replied to and you can open up their reply here on the site, rather than via your email. 

Now, let's get into your question! From the topic, I am guessing that you're working on Lesson 4.8 “Talking About ‘Yours’ and ‘Mine.’” Could you tell me a bit more about what's giving you trouble here? For example, does it have to do with reflecting gender? Or perhaps with the short-form possessives vs. the long-form ones? If you can pinpoint the part that's tripping you up, I'll be happy to help you sort it out!

¡Mucho ánimo!


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