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Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Grammar ¡Ya estás planeando nuestra vida juntos!

¡Ya estás planeando nuestra vida juntos!



- You’re already planning our life together!

The phrase in Spanish is absolutely correct but really surprises me (i.e., to see a plural adjective after a singular noun). I would have expected to see something on the order of "nuestras vidas juntos".  There's never new stuff to learn...


The more you learn, the more there is to learn, eh?

In English, you could use either "our lives" or "our life", right?  I wonder if you could use either in Spanish?  Although the plural in Spanish doesn't sound quite right to me when I read it out loud.  


Nuestras vidas juntos - looks like there's even a song with that title. That said, if the number of Google hits is any indication, nuestra vida juntos appears to be the standard way to say this.  

When things don't sound right, that's usually a really good indication.

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