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Yo creo vs Pero creo yo que debe ser

Ava Dawn

Ava Dawn

Pero creo yo que debe ser “la Internet,” como “net” es “una red” en español. I know that internet could be el internet or la internet, but at the beginning of the sentence, I thought it would better if its "Pero yo creo que debe ser la internet. Explain please. Thanks.


Hi, I was looking in the official Spanish language dictionary (Real Academia de la Lengua española) and the word doesn't come as either masculine of feminine, but rather,"amb-ambiguous". I personally use the masculine one (el internet) but since the internet is a net, and net in spanish is 'red' , "la red", is feminine, so it makes sense that they also call it "la internet". We also say "la conexión a internet", the conection to internet, and it uses "la"since "conexión" is fem. Hope this helps! Saludos!

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