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the slang englisih expression : I get it!

how do you say " i get it" as in " the light went on" I understand or the so called " aha" experience...when you finally understand something, you say " ah, i get it"/

7 replies - Last post by taalibeen - June 12, 2006

Askng for Name

Quick question Regarding asking someone their name, what is more appropriate? 1. Puede darme su nombre 2. Coma se llama Does what you use, depend on the casuallness of the current setting you're in? RJ

2 replies - Last post by Mauricio - June 8, 2006

My profession

Could someone please advise how best to say my job in Spanish? I'm a project manager with a bank. thanks! Kai

2 replies - Last post by kaichandler - June 8, 2006

floor layer

I am curious to know como se dice ''floor layer'' en español?I have asked Mauricio and he suggested to ask in the forum....he couldn't find an answer. If no-one knows , then how do we say ''builder'' or ''construction worker''? thanks for your help!

6 replies - Last post by litlmike - May 19, 2006

da vs. tha

Hola, In listening to the first few "Interactive Audio" lessons it sound as if the "da" is pronounced as if it was a "tha" with the “a” being soft - as in "ayuda"? Am I mis-hearing the dialogue? Gracias, Knezz

1 reply - Last post by Mamide2 - May 9, 2006


My dictionary (Merriam-Webster) gives sunrise as "salida del sol" and sunset as "puesta del sol". I wasn't sure about this as it seemed to me that sunset should be the 'departure' of the sun, so I checked 3 online translators; one agr...

3 replies - Last post by Randy1 - May 8, 2006

Fast Food

Does anyone know how to say the names of fast food items? i.e. *Cheese Quarter Pounder, Whopper, Fries, Medium Coke, etc.* Our local fast food places have a lot of hispanics, and I would like to try making an order in their language.

3 replies - Last post by Hombre - April 20, 2006


Which is the correct way to say "write it down"? a. *lo escribo * or b. *escribalo* :roll:

1 reply - Last post by Hombre - April 7, 2006

hace calor

In lession 3.3 it sounds like Mauricio is saying "hace muchA calor" rather than "hace muchO calor". Am I hearing the lesson corectly? Tony

5 replies - Last post by AnthonyLouis - March 18, 2006


What a word! A friend of mine, helping with my Spanish wrote and used the phrase ....que voy andar de viaje. I assumed it meant that he would be traveling around the country. When I went to look it up, I found that there were many permutations of &qu...

1 reply - Last post by Tom5 - February 17, 2006


" Yo voy a casa " Do you pronounce the s in casa as " s" or as " ss" ? Thanks

2 replies - Last post by Antonio - February 10, 2006


I was recently chatting with someone from Chile and he used the word "fome" which I could not find in my dictionary. In context it seemed to mean "boring". Is this correct? Tony

1 reply - Last post by AnthonyLouis - February 8, 2006

slang-word cool

¿como se deletrear el slang word cool? it is used in the interactive audio but i do not know how to download the transcript. it sounds like it should be chevre.

1 reply - Last post by (deleted) - February 6, 2006

Please help

I want to know spanish when i talk with spanish people but i need some help! is neone wellin to help me?

1 reply - Last post by steffy12 - January 12, 2006

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