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el cabello vs el pelo



What is the difference between el pelo and el cabello? Which one is used for hair (of the head)? Are they synonyms or there is a distinction between hair and the hair?


My understanding is that pelo and cabello are synonymous for hair on the head.  On the other hand, vello is used for hair such as leg hair, "peach fuzz" on a young man, or the actual fuzz on a peach.

​Just my $.02


In most situations, I would say "pelo" specifically refers to hair of the head. Por ejampelo, "pelirrojo," it means readhead. 
Hope this helps!


Hi guys, what I understand is that "pelo" refers to hair on the head, while "cabello," which I learned on another website, means body hair, like hair on the arms and legs of a person. I hope this helps!


Hola a todos,
There maybe regional choices as I have heard both pelo and cabello for hair on the head, but for body hair vello.



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