Health & illness in German



Words & expressions for health , sickness , body parts please


If you're asking for the info on health words in Spanish, it will be under "Survival Kit" on the bar in "Medical Spanish." That's about all the words and phrases you'll need!
If you're looking for the same phrases in German, they should be under "Survival Kit" on the bar too. But I can't be sure because I'm only deep in Spanish right now. For further information in German, those on the German forum will probably be happy to help; If this doesn't work, just feel free to ask them ;).
David K

David K

Hi arthur and KelllaurBailar,  I have both the complete course sets for Spanish and German and would be glad to help out if you could be more specific about what you are looking for. 

Here's a link to the German Rocket Course Level 1 Module 7 Parts of the Body -body

In German Level 2 we have:  11.2 At The Doctor, 11.3 At the Pharmacy, 11.6 Medical Vocub. Part 1,  11.7 Medical Vocab. Part 2. As well as the Module 11 Survival Kit "Medical German," with some redundancy.

Module 11
98% Complete
11.1 Getting a Fine/ Der Strafzettel
11.2 At The Doctor/ Beim Arzt
11.3 Making a Complaint/ Sich beschweren
11.4 At the Pharmacy/ In der Apotheke
11.5 Adverbs
11.6 Medical Vocabulary (Part 1)
11.7 Medical Vocabulary (Part 2)
11.8 Regular Verbs
11.9 Irregular Verbs
Survival Kit Medical German

Oddly enough there are no mentions of reproductive organs, or proctological terms in any of these, nor the Survival Kit on Romance. This is not cured on Level 3 either.

Does this help?


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