Is there a book?


Is there a book that goes with this online program that contains vocabulary and other information that goes with each lesson?


 Hola Danielle,
If you go to the Survival Kit there is a Grammar Book as well as a Conversation Book. When I joined RS about seven years ago you could print out both entirely, lots of pages, but that is one of the first things I did, and I read  through them as I began to study. I have both of those as well as the as the Advanced Grammar saved in notebooks. Not sure if you can print them all at once now . I'm assuming that the vocabulary etc. is still there. I found the written material very helpful and still refer to it at times.¡ Buena suerte !




I don't know if you can print them all at once either, but when i was going through the first level I printed them out section by section as I wanted to study them. Seemed a little less demanding of the printer, paper, and ink doing it that way.

Ava Dawn

I pretty much just follow the lessons on the Premium level 1. I earned lots of points during that time. I was doing Rocket Spanish for 1-2 hrs per day, some days even more. Now I do a lot of other things that don't earn RS points. I also got a few Spanish Grammar books at Barnes and Noble bookstore. I am more relaxed at the Platinum level.

This is for Dan H24: . George and I went to see a movie yesterday. "Hot pursuit" starring Sofia Vergara and Reece Whitherspoon (sp). It was funny. We enjoyed it very much.


Aurora: Michelle and I want to see that movie. It does look funny.

I also recommend "Chef" with Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergera, Dustin Hoffman and, I think, Jon Leguzamo. It is about a chef who loses his job in a fancy restaurant and ends up running a food truck making Sandwiches Cubanos.

Ava Dawn

We saw that movie. I think I am starting to become a fan of Sofia Vergara.


I am a big fan of Sofia. And not just because of her looks. I think she is funny as heck. I love her on La Familia Moderna.

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