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Hi everyone, 

I have been enjoying RS for a few weeks now, but I have to say I am not a fan of the vocabulary within the Language and Culture sections. In the audio lessons, vocabulary is introduced gradually and organically as part of the narrative, whereas I find myself wading through dozens of new words that were simply used to teach us about articles and pronouns etc. These words just don't resonate with me in a meaningful way. 

So, I am using these sections to memorise the actual articles and pronouns etc but ignoring all the other words. I wonder if anyone else has a similar or differing view? 



¡Hola SteveH68!

Thank you for your feedback!

We try to introduce commonly used words throughout the Language & Culture lessons, both to keep things interesting and to improve your vocabulary. As you continue along with the lessons, you'll see many of these words used again in different contexts, to help reinforce them in your memory. However, if it seems like a lot to start off with, there are some techniques that you might find helpful. You can:
  • save vocabulary that you're having trouble with to your Saved Vocab list so that you can practice it separately whenever you like;
  • create custom Flashcard sets according to topic (e.g. food, animals, family members, etc.) so that you can practice related words together;
  • give the words and phrases that you find difficult a harder rating in the Reinforcement activities at the end of the lesson, so that you can get more practice with these ones; or
  • ignore the terms you're finding hard to remember/process at the start and come back to them later on when you feel you're ready.
I hope that this is helpful for you! 



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